Read, Read, Read!

Anatomy Trains - Tom Meyers

Movement - Gray Cook

Positional Release Techniques - Leon Chaitow

Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes - Shirley Sahrmann

The Pelvic Girdle - Diane Lee

Explain Pain - David Butler

Original Strength - Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert

Functional Training Handbook - Craig Leibenson

The Brain that Changes Itself - Norman Doidge

Born to Walk - James Earls

Fascial Dysfunction - Edited by Leon Chaitow

Learning to Breathe Fire - J.C. Herz

Anatomy of Breathing - Blandine Calais - Germain

Real Movement: Perspective on Integrated Motion & Motor Control - Adam Wolf

Fascial Manipulation - Luigi Stecco

Muscles and Meridians - Phillip Beach

The Body Has a Mind of It's Own - Sandra Blakeslee & Matthew Blakeslee

Iced! The Illusionary Treatment Option - Gary Reinl

The Sports Gene - David Epstein

The Talent Code - Daniel Coyle

Born to Run - Christopher McDougall