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FMT Performance: NYC, NY

  • Spear Physical Therapy 269 W 16th Street New York, NY 10011 United States (map)

FMT Performance (formerly FMT2)

This course expands on the concepts of movement therapy and performance enhancement via functional taping methods that are taught in FMT Basic. The anatomy and physiology of myofascial slings is covered. Movement assessment to determine dysfunction in specific slings and how to apply tape in a manner that improves movement and function is done in a workshop hands on environment. Corrective exercise techniques to address mobility and stability dysfunctions along these myofascial pathways are presented. 

Education Objectives FMT Performance:


  • Discuss the concept of the longitudinal muscle chain approach to kinesiology taping and a myofascial sequencing model of "Taping movements, not muscles."
  • Demonstrate movement screening techniques to evaluate proper human movement patterns. In the presence of faulty movement patters, the plane of dysfunctional movement is identified and movement is corrected using the longitudinal muscle chain approach to kinesiology taping.
  • Demonstrate functional taping applications for Performance Chains.
  • Discuss and demonstrate assessment of sport-specific movement patters and the use of taping to improve sports performance. 
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