A site dedicated to the awesomeness that is movement of the human body, and a gateway to the services offered by Doctor of Physical Therapy, C. Shanté Cofield, for when your movement stops being so awesome. Come move with the Maestro.


Wanna know the fastest way to recover from an injury? Don't get injured at all. Remember that song "The hip bone's connected to the...leg bone"? Silly, but true. Our body functions via what's called regional interdependence. Aka, a problem in your ankle could very well cause symptoms in your neck. Undergo a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to discover movement dysfunction that could predispose you to future injury.  

The FMS 

With 206 bones, over 650 muscles, and trillions of nerves, the human body is a complex machine that deserves the same attention given to your car. Who are we kidding, this is NYC, you probably don't have a car. Regardless, while the rest of the country is racking up thousands of miles on their cars, you're wearing down your body covering thousands of steps each day commuting, exercising, and just trying to survive the rat race. Enlist my services for tune-ups, full restorations, and everything in-between. 

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Want to learn how to increase your back squat, set a 5k PR, or simply stop struggling to get out of that comfy but incredibly low sofa? Well, for starters increased mobility leads to more efficient movement, which means functional gains. Read up, watch some videos, and learn how to keep that movement awesome. 

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